Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 12 – In my iPod

 I'm the type of person who likes all kinds of different music, I like everything from cute j-pop to punk music. I'm not too keen on hard rock or metal, and I don't like any Swedish music (except for Håkan Hellström, but only during summer!). I hate house and most electronic music, and I don't like instrumental music.

These are my self-made playlist in my iPod/iTunes:
Awesome music atm
This is a playlist that I made when I've just gotten my MacBook, I made a playlist with all the music that I've missed while I've been away from my computer, things like Atmosphere, Beatles, Bloodhound Gang, Bob Dylan, the Doors, Frank Sinatra, Kate Nash, Lady GaGa, Lily Allen, Misfits, Nirvana, No Doubt, NOFX, Placebo, Regina Spektor, Sage Francis.

Grrl Punx
All-girl punk bands or punk/rock bands with female vocalist, such as Babes in Toyland, the Distillers, Hole, Lunachicks, No Doubt, Runaways.

I wanna Dance!
Music I like to dance to, like Lady GaGa, Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, '80s-'90s music, Destiny's Child.

Soundtracks to Chicago and Grease, and also Scrubs the musical and the Nightmare Before Christmas.

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