Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I only have room for dessert! (and pasta)

 Just the other day I had Greek yoghurt with honey for dinner. Seb had meat with bearnaise sauce that we had made our self, they don't have it here and Seb really likes it! It was quite fun to make, but damn for a high calorie food, lol! The original recipe suggested you'd use 1 kilo butter!! Since we only did half we used half a kilo, which felt weird as well. It was good though, and not as hard to make as we would've thought. 
 And yesterday I had fruit salad with whipped cream, yum! I used banana, plum, kiwi and fruit cocktail in my salad. Fruit cocktail seems so unhealthy, but it's actually just 66 calories/100 g, so that's not too bad, is it? I'm sorry if my calorie ranting is boring you, I'm just in such a calorie-counting phase at the moment, I actually think it's fun, it's the only math I'll ever enjoy (and of course the kind of math you do when you think you're earning money when shopping at sales ;)).
For lunch today I had tagiatelle pasta with pesto and parmesan, it really is the only food I want to eat at the moment. Maybe it's just best to listen to your body, but I still feel I should eat healthier snacks, like fruit instead of candy. Of course, I am having apple pie for dinner, haha ^_^

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