Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yesterday + Gets

So, I went in to town at 2 and met up with my fellow Swedish gals. It was a really small meet, and we didn't really do anything in particular, just browsed some stores and ate sushi. I didn't take any pictures, but Erika did, so maybe I'll steal her pictures ones she's posted them.
 We had sushi dinner at neko sushi, I had a small "appetizer sushi" and miso soup. The portion sizes kind of bug me, because a small sushi is not 8-9 pieces in my book, but 4 pieces is too few. 6 is perfect, why can't most sushi places realize that?!
 When I got home I spent the night with my parents, eating candy and reading Swedish girly magazines. I deserved a treat, because my feet were really killing me after walking around all day in extremely uncomfortable heels! They still hurt today :(
 We also had ginger biscuits with gorgonzola cheese and drank glögg ^_
 I bought these shorts at H&M, they were on sale and really cheap.
I also bought some silver jewelry at H&M as well, figured I needed some new bling for Christmas ;)

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