Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Gets!

So, I hold on to my no-blogging-at-Christmas-thingy for what, an hour? That must be some kind of record! I'm just waiting for the shower to be free, so I thought I'd post what I got for Christmas right away. Feels kind of like cheating opening your gifts now, don't it? Most people in the world open theirs tomorrow morning, and usually I would open mine after the Disney Christmas Special this afternoon, but we're going away soon so we thought we'd open ours before that.
 I got this cute, star-print dress for everyday use, love it! Feels like just the kind of clothing I am in need of.
 And this long sweater/dress with hood and pom-poms. The perfect Nordic print one piece for this season, don't you think? ^_^
 And a pair of super-cozy fake ugg-boots. This is great because I needed a pair of comfy-but-still-stylish shoes :)
 And a sequin heart hairband.
I also got Just Dance2 and the Apple Care Protection Plan. I kind of look a little bit forward going back to Cyprus now, JUST so I can play my new game hi hi ^_^ I'm gonna get fit!
 I got bath bombs from my little brother, looking forward to taking baths while I'm here since I can't do that when we get back :( You really need it in this cold, too.

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