Monday, December 27, 2010

Today's Gets

I woke up wicked early this morning to get to the Christmas sales in time, I got there one hour after the stores had opened (11 AM). Even at this time the town was filled with people, so it was even worse later that day, I realized that I really HATE sales, ha ha! 

I easily get panic attacks when in the presence of crowds, and on top of that I wasn't at all ready for so many people at once! Normally when I go out shopping I go at lunch, and in Cyprus there aren't many people out at all.

This is what I got anyhow: 
 A black and white-striped skirt, it was super-cheap, and also a very useful piece!
 Really cozy leopard-print cardigan from Topshop, the only Topshop piece on sale that fitted me :( I hate being short sometimes! At least I hate being short in Sweden with all the giants >.<
 I found an usamimi at H&M, it was only 10 SEK, score!
 I bought two bras for small boobies, I have major problems with finding fitting bras >-<
 I bought running tights at H&M, and after that I bought a wrist band for running with your iPod.
Brown leather belt.
 Black synthetic belt.
Nordic print knee socks.

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