Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We bought a bunch of fruit today, I'm really going to try to eat it. I don't know why, but fruit is always a bit hard for me to eat, I feel like "Ok, now I've started this apple and I have to eat the whole thing". Things like dried fruit, nuts, candy etc. is easier because you can only have a few bites, there for it's a "better" snack, although it really isn't. I like baby oranges though, because they take so long time to get "eating-ready", I don't like them if they have that white crap all over them.

Oh well, whatever. Once again I went to the bank again. Would you think that they've gotten my PIN-number by now? Well of course they haven't! I'm so sick of dealing with them, and I'm so sick of having to WALK up to the bank office every freaking time. I like to get the exercise, but it's time consuming and I really should stay home and study. This time I told the lady to send the PIN to my home address instead, and I got my internet bank working now so I just transferred all my money to my Swedish account, I needed to anyway because I need to internet-shop Christmas present.

On my way home a stray dog attacked me! Okay, maybe attacked is a strong word, but I was just walking peacefully and this dog starts barking at me. It was really scary, it followed me when I tried to walk away and showed its teeth and stuff. I mean if it actually would attack me, what can I do? You don't want to kick a dog in the face, I don't feel like I would even be capable to hurt a small animal. I finally escaped by just walking away slowly. And that's my near-death-experience for today! ^_^''

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