Thursday, November 11, 2010

Time for a exciting, new hair colour?

I'm really pleased with my new hair cut, how ever, I'm starting to get quite bored with my colour. I think I look good in dark hair, but I've grown tired of it by now. Still, I don't want to become super-blond again, I don't want to ruin my hair by bleaching it too much. I don't want to look like this:
That's my hair last summer, it fell out and "cut" itself several centimeters shorter >.<
(But OMG was I tanned?! Why do I have to be so pale this year, it's just because this stupid, backwards country doesn't sell Hawaiin Tropic tanning oil this time of year).

I've been thinking about doing a two-tone (subtle, similar shades) or quite obvious stripes. I'm in love with Yumachi's hair, and I love the girl in the last pics hair as well. 

What do you think would look the best? Do you think the stripe-thing would be hard to do yourself? I have always dyed my hair myself, so I'm quite experienced and confident about it.

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