Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fruity Fruitiness

On Saturday I had a different kind of breakfast, Capple (cinnamon apple, I like to push words together and make new words :)) instead of cereal with milk and banana, yummy ^___^ I wish I had some custard as well... and some dough, then it would've been apple pie :D
 I melted some dark chocolate and made my own lite chocolate candies. I was thinking about making chocolate pralines, I love them but I don't know where to find any around here, do you think it would be hard? I miss macarons as well. I'm hungry :(
Om nom nom ^_^ Feel free to envy me for being able to eat fresh strawberries at this time of year, I'm so happy about it I'm even envious of myself :D They were good too, and as a Swede I'm usually snobby when it comes to non-Swedish strawberries ;)

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