Thursday, November 11, 2010

Food, food, food, food

I think I feel pretty comfortable being a food/fashion/mika-blog, those are the things I would want to read about (well, not about ME, but I like a blog to involve personal things about its author).
 My oh-so-nutritious "dinner" last night, I just had no idea what I wanted to eat, so, Snickers it is!
 I made halloumi salad for lunch today, you can really see how stale and disgusting the cheese was, we had it in the oven for too long :/ I made the salad out of cucumber, tomato and spinach. It was OK to have in a salad like that, I don't want to use regular lettuce because I find it unnecessary, it's just water.
Since my halloumi was un-edible, I stole some pork-pasta from Seb, it was SO good. My man can COOK! ^___^

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