Sunday, November 28, 2010

What's in my bag?

These posts are always fun, I think. I though I should show you what I usually keep with me when I leave the house.
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 This is the bag I usually use, I love it since it was a gift from Seb (one of those amazing gifts that you get just for being such a sweet girlfriend ;)), it's a good size and I love my little fox tail!
  1. Comb, I need to keep it with me at all times in case my hair goes flat.
  2. Pink iPod Nano, I'm a mess without it, I hate not listening to music.
  3. Oolong tea, I just had this in my bag today because I needed to bring new tea to work.
  4. Hemp Hand Protector from the Body Shop, love this! It's the best hand creme in the world, and keeping your hands nice and smooth is very important, hands is the first thing that give away your true age...
  5. Cyprus cell phone, my old Ericsson, I hate having to use this! I need to jail brake my iPhone asap!
  6. My super-cute iPhone, I always keep it with me because the non-internet apps are great when you're bored. I have one app where you track your calorie intake and how much you exercise, so I try to log after every meal.
  7. Sunglasses, aviator model. I need to get a pair of Raybans, these are so low in quality.
  8. My small make-up bag, shaped as a watermelon ^_^
  9. Apricot Lip Balm from the Body Shop.
  10. My big make-up bag featuring Angel Kitty, I need to get a new one though, this is just a cheap bag from H&M, I want something fancier ;)
  11. Pink leather wallet from Topshop
  12. USB-cord for my camera (the camera itself I obviously couldn't photograph), I always keep this with me since I only use the computer at work.
  1.  Pink lipstick from MAC
  2. Pink Lipstick from the Body Shop
  3. Nude lipstick from Viva La Diva
  4. Light pink lipstick from MAC ♥ Hello Kitty co-lab, the colour is a bit too bright and too cold, I regret not choosing the raspberry red one instead.
  5. Coca Cola-flavoured lip gloss from LipSmackers
  6. Mango/Papaya-flavoured lip gloss from HawaiianTropic (haha, you can basically eat this ;))
  7. Candy Floss-flavoured lip balm in an awesomely cute Hello Kitty box, I got this in my ester egg from Seb ♥
  1. Liquid eyeliner from Dior
  2. Light brown eyebrow pencil and gel from Smashbox
  3. Eye drops (very important to keep with you when you use lenses!)
  4. Light pink blusher from Chanel
  5. Under eye high lighter (photo OP) from Smashbox (recommended!)
  6. Fiberwig mascara, best mascara in the world!
  7. Light cover-up from the Body Shop
  8. Black Matt eyeliner pencil from Make Up Store
  9. Light gold eye pencil from Anna Sui, love this, and I hate that you can't get Anna Sui make-up in Sweden, such beautiful packaging.
  10. Purple glitter eye shadow from the Body Shop
  11. Eyelash curler with deco from Red Herring/Debenhams
  12. Light yellow tweezers from Vitry
  13. LashGrip lash adhesive from Ardell
And that's the content of my bag and the bags within my bag, haha ^_^ Feel free to make a post about what's in your bag on your own blog, and please post the link in my comment field so that I can go check it out!

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