Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today's Coords

I actually felt bad not posting a coord-post yesterday, it seems people aren't as interested in posts about food. Some of you may think that I should only post once a day and just when I have something important to post about, but I've been brought up in the Swedish blogiverse, where it's standard to make 5 posts/a day or more if you're serious about it. I hope people don't get annoyed by this, because I love seeing my followers going up!
 I'm a total poser though, I don't look like this at all right now. Before I went to work I put on leggings and Converse, I fail ;____; I must be the laziest girl in the world when it comes to heels! The dress I'm wearing is super-big and poofy, I bought it as it would be a nice dress to wear to the beach, and something you could wear if you've eaten a bit too much. But it's actually TOO poofy, it's not at all flattering, I should take it in a bit, maybe put a zipper in the back. In the picture I put a hairband around a bit of the fabric in the back, but I obviously couldn't leave the house like that, it looked like I had a tail!
 Very pleased with my hair today, I think I look kind of gyaru even though my clothes doesn't really say it, which is great! Maybe no one agrees with me, and I'll look like a fool ;___;

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