Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dinner Out

Yesterday me and Seb celebrated our second semi-anniversary! We went out to a restaurant, but we were accompanied by some guys from work, so it wasn't a romantic dinner or anything. We were actually suppose to go to another restaurant, but when Seb called to book a table we found out that they were closed due to child birth, so we had to take a rain check.
 I had chicken in dill sauce for main course, so good! I really liked the fact that you got a big bowl of steamed veggies as a side order, I prefer it over potatoes or whatever.
I had a Crême Brûlée (Spell-check, haha? I'm just guessing ^_^) for dessert, yummy! They had nice, rather small portions, so you could fit a dessert as well. I was happy, I always feel sad when I can't get dessert :(

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