Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fight Back!

 I was feeling good today going to work, but when I got here and opened my e-mail, I saw that I've gotten a rejection letter from everday_gyaru on LiveJournal, about a post I tried to do yesterday. At first I was upset, and felt sad. And honestly, I'm still rather upset. I know that I'm definitely not the best gyaru out there, I know that my style needs a lot of work. But I also think that I look waaay better than a lot of the people who post there. I mean, some girls just make a post including one lousy webcam-pic where they don't look like... well, anything. 

But after a few minutes, I realized that there's no point in whining about it. I should see this as encouragement for improving my style, and then come back in a few weeks looking AWESOME! I'm not sad anymore :)


  1. great mindset <3 never give up!
    we always have to be careful, gyaru on the internet are usually very bitchy (or at least that's my impression)!

  2. ^_^ <3
    yeah I think so too, at least that's often the case. I hate it when people are like "Oh, you can't be gyaru because you don't look like a clone of tsubasa/kumicky/whoever" >.< Think outside the box, people!