Thursday, November 25, 2010

My spectacular day of exciting adventures

Today I had some bank errands to attend to, and because this country HATES convenience, I had to walk up to the bank.
On my way I stumbled upon jolly ol' Mr clause with all his reindeers. It looks so corny with Christmas decorations on a perfectly green lawn with palm trees in the background, don't you think? I'm still happy that they've put some up, but I'm not really getting that "Christmas feeling", if you know what I mean? I'm also disappointed that I haven't seen any over-decorated lawns, America-style, yet.

Anyways, when I got to the bank the lady told me that my PIN-number STILL haven't arrived! >.< I'm so fed up with Bank of Cyprus right now, I've been waiting for this shit since the beginning of October for crying out loud! I got my digipass though, and I could still withdraw some money using my passport, and thank God for that! We're going to Nicosia tomorrow, and I would just be devastated if I couldn't get any shopping done.
After my bank appointment, I decided to take a walk and find my way to Debenhams. I didn't really know exactly how you were suppose to go, but I found it, without going the wrong way once ^_^ It was fun to walk somewhere new, even though I kind of hate walking here since they sometimes don't even have proper sidewalks. 
My shopping-fingers started itching badly while there, but I only bought what I needed and got out. It's not even a store I would normally shop at, but I'm getting pretty desperate haha ^_^'' I browsed through their toy department and cursed the fact that I'm not a child today. Why didn't they have Hello Kitty toys when I were young?! So unfair :( Oh well, at least our cartoons was better.
And this is was I bought. My old eyelash curler had gone completely useless, what a convenience that Debenhams had on that all ready were blinged out ^_^ I love it when stores start selling things with deco on them, it's like their finally getting how things are SUPPOSE to be ;)

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