Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Did some yoga the first thing in the morning, a routine called "yoga for abs". I don't need it, I all ready have abs... it just that it's a lot of fat covering ;) Is it possible to burn of excessive fat and show off your muscle tone without completely giving up chocolate? After the yoga I did some para-para dancing as well, it's so much fun!

It took a long time for me this morning getting ready for studying, but I fitted about 2 hours of reading into my schedule. I finished "Candide" by Voltaire out on the porch, it was a really good read actually, really funny. I've never been really good in school, but I'm really enjoying it now, and I get good grades as well! I guess the study form really suits me, but I still want to go to a real school and have classes, meet new people.

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