Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Recipe: Spinach and Blue Cheese pasta

It's been a while since last time I posted a recipe, I eat out a lot, and when I cook it's usually not very interesting food. Anyways, on Sunday night I did cook a proper meal, and it turned out absolutely amazing, so I thought I'll share it with you!

Pasta (preferably tagiatelle)
Butter or olive oil
Cream (if you don't want to use heavy cream, lighter cooking cream will work as well)
Blue Cheese

Start with boiling water, and then put in the pasta, it should boil as usual for about 7-8 minutes. If you're using frozen spinach, you should take it out sometime before you start cooking. Use another, smaller pot and melt butter in it, and when the butter has started to melt you put the spinach in it. If you're using the frozen spinach (I did, so I assume you will too) you should wait for the "blocks" to melt. When it's all a big, creamy, green mush you can put the blue cheese in. I have no ideas what the measurements should be, but I'd say it's enough blue cheese when the mush is at a nice, light green colour. when it's turned light green, you put the cream in. Once again, I don't have any measurements. What you want is a thick sauce, so you will have to let it boil for a while as well (it will turn thicker when mixed with the pasta). Squeeze out on garlic wedge in the sauce. We used a rather large garlic wedge and it was extremely garlicy, so make sure not to use more than one, and choose a small one rather than a large one. Salt and pepper the sauce, mix it with the pasta = done!

You may have to put more salt on, and always keep a black pepper grinder on the table ^_^ 

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