Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fun and Games!

 After work last night the entire office went bowling ^__^ I always get into character as "Bimbo Cheerleader Bowler", and just get really over-excited every time me or someone one my team scores. I don't really care if I piss people off, because people who gets pissed off by cute and happy girls have their own issues to work on, don't you think? It's a big step-up for me, I used to be a really sore loser.
 I didn't score last! Just a few months ago I got like 1 point per game, so I've really improved my skills :)
Hihi, ugly photoshopping is ugly <3
When we got home we craved more games, so I played some Mario Galaxy (LOVE this game :)). I was very happy, because I recently discovered a new galaxy, a penguin galaxy, yaaaay! I love penguins. Honestly, words cannot describe how much I love them. Sometimes I think I love penguins more than my boyfriend, but then I change my mind and let them come third in place on my love list:
1. My Boyfriend
2. My Parents
3. Penguins
4. Hello Kitty
5. ... Sweets? I don't know if they deserve it, they do make you fat. But they're soooo yummy ;___;

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