Monday, November 15, 2010

Body Shop Gets

I bought some necessities at Body Shop today, a Body Polisher, a Face Moisturizer and a Moisturizer for the eyes as well, I also got a tester for the Hemp Body Butter, which I'm definitely buying as soon as I get paid. My skin has just been terrible lately. My eyes got dry from wearing fake lashes for too long, and my face gets dirty from my cell phone. I need to jail brake my iPhone, it doesn't get as dirty since it doesn't have any cracks or anything. 

Don't even make me begin ranting about what disastrous state the skin on my body is in. It just gets like that during the fall/winter, so it's kind of weird it's so bad right now, since it's more like summer here. Nothing seems to help either, so any tips on how to heal extremely dry skin would be much appreciated!

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