Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Not my day today...

I'm so moody today, and I don't know why, which sucks because I don't have a proper problem to focus my anger on. When you're upset, all little things that can go wrong just feels like the world has come to an end, you know? Like my boyfriend not wanting to take a walk with me, like my hair not listening to neither me nor the flat iron, like my tea not being warm enough. All I want to do is go to be so that I can wake up to a new and happy day tomorrow.

I've had a pretty good day though, I should be happy with myself. I woke up a little lat maybe, but I started cleaning the apartment the first thing in the morning, after that I had my breakfast, studied and finished like half my assignment, after that I danced para-para and did yoga. I should feel good today, shouldn't I? Maybe I'm upset about not finishing my homework earlier, but it shouldn't matter, what's important is that I'm finished with the entire course by December 19th (which I will be, no worries).

What do you do when you're having a bad day? Accept that you're not feeling well or do you try to cheer yourself up?

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