Monday, November 1, 2010

A Swedish Christmas

 Super-cute and cozy winter-outfit, looks like I'm going skiing ^_^
 My derpy gingerbread house from last year, I forgot to put a door in and put cupcake-frosting on the roof, DOH!
 Penguins made out of marzipan and dipped in chocolate, I love marzipan SO much! Honestly, I can eat a hole tube of it (and once I did ^_^).
 I miss my silver-blond hair ;___;
 I also miss my fluffy snow leopard gloves.
 And our Christmas tree! I really liked the way we decorated it, although are apartment i too small to hold a tree (I miss my apartment too!).
 Frozen Boyfriend ^_^
Frozen Mika and beautiful winter-sun light.

I miss Sweden a bit, especially when looking at old pictures of coziness. I'm always like that, I always want what I can't have and never live in the present :/ Oh well, what I actually was suppose to make a post about was that I'm probably going home to Sweden for Christmas, which I'm really looking forward to! Me and Seb have been looking at air plane tickets, and it seems to be not-too-expensive to head back home for a few weeks. 

Even though I hate the cold and snow, I still love Christmas. I love when the stores starts to decorate too early, I love all the wonderful smells, I love giving and receiving presents, I love stuffing myself with home-made Christmas candy! It will be nice to get home and see my family as well, I really miss my parents ♥


  1. Lol i wish i could eat those marzipan penguins right about now :P

    What happened to your leopard gloves then nya~? .__. They looked cute! ;3

  2. Hihi, me too, they're so yummy ^___^

    Oh, they're back in Sweden, packed down in some box somewhere :o I will have to buy some new winter clothes when I go back home :)