Thursday, November 4, 2010

Yummy Yummy Foooood

 This is what I eat for breakfast everyday; a bowl of cereal with milk and banana slices, and I drink a cup of green weight loss-tea. These are new cereal that I just bought, with pieces of dark chocolate, Yum!
 For lunch today we had oven veggies (squash, aubergine, beet roots, onion, garlic and halloumi cheese).
 And for dinner we ordered SUSHI! :D It was really good this time, and very cheap. It was just that last time we had gotten a menu that only showed "Scandinavian pieces" i.e with cream cheese, but these, real pieces were good. They had a lot of sesame seeds on them, which I liked :)
Hihi, I drank a beer ^___^ I don't usually do, but the guys from work had bought some, and I think it goes well with sushi. Also, I was actually kind of feeling like drinking beer, and since it's a light Budweiser, I think it's pretty OK. Not TOO unfeminine ;)


  1. Your post makes me so hungry!!! LOL

  2. In a good way or a bad way? ^_^ I hope it's a guy way, I want to inspire people to eat yummy food all day long :D