Sunday, November 14, 2010

The foods

 After being up for like 24 hours, and going to the bank (and I had my lenses in for like, 20 hours O_O), we ordered some Chinese food, after we'd eaten we got to bed to take a powernap, and woke up at 5 PM. Whooops!
 We spent Friday night in, lying on the couch, eating nuts and dried fruits and watching the crappiest movie of all times. It was called "Gentlemen Broncos", do NOT rent or even watch this movie!! You'd think it'd be pretty good since it's created by the creators of Napoleon Dynamite, but it's just horrible. It's not at all funny and just really, really gross.
To clean some of its awfulness of, we watched many, many episodes of How I met Your Mother, and felt a little better. I love this show because me and Seb are exactly like Lilly and Marshall :D
 On Saturday we spent the entire afternoon on our feet. We went to Starbucks and shared a Frappucino, and then we walked along the shore, watching the sun go down over the ocean, it was beautiful! I realized that watching beautiful things and walking hand-in-hand with the love of my life makes me happier than any shoes in the world ^_^
 After our walk we went to the grocery store to buy some food, and we found Swedish ginger bread! It was so yummy! I just wished we would've gotten hold of some Christmas Must or Glögg, I really miss it :(
I was suppose to have avocado for breakfast, but it was really, really gross. I had a banana and ginger bread instead ^_^

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