Monday, November 1, 2010


Yesterday I finally got what I wanted - Chinese food! We ordered one set menu to share and one serving of lemon chicken. I honestly thought the set menu was a bit small, so it was a good thing we ordered the chicken as well. It's just that, you know when you order home delivery, you want to get super-much food, because then you wont have to cook for a few days ^_^ Oh well, it still was enough for me to have Chinese for lunch today as well.

And that's not all I've had. You know when it's weekend, you always end up eating a lot more than you should. And you know how that sometimes wants to continue a bit into the week? That's what happen to me today. I've had a lot of bon-bons and licorice for breakfast, as well has blue cheese and a toasted cheese sandwich. I feel bad. I hate that when you just continue eating without even feeling the satisfaction, it's scary because it reminds me of my past binge-eating problems, luckily it doesn't happen very often now a days.

Besides from eating, I spent my morning in the sun reading about Hamlet. I can live with that you know, tanning outside (and even swimming for a bit) at the first of November. I miss Sweden less and less everyday, but our apartment has gotten very cold for some reason, I need to get some cozy room wear I think... Oh! And I've played the Sims today, it was such a long time ago that I did and it was just so much fun! I re-decorated my house and made everything pink. That's how I would like to live if I didn't have that stupid boyfriend ruining it for me ;____;

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