Tuesday, November 23, 2010

If the littlest things bring you down, how happy are you really? We got our pay checks today, and since we weren't working in the beginning of October, I got 130€ less than I was expecting. It's just such bad timing, it'll be Christmas soon, and I have tons of boring stuff that I need to buy (it's cold, I need some warming clothes, my eye lash curler is broke, my skin is constantly dry and in need of moisture). I get sad because of the always so troubling fact that everything that is yummy also makes you fat, I don't want to be chubby, but I don't want to live a life without chocolate (or ice cream, or pastries, or puddings, or milkshakes, or Starbucks frappucinos) either. I guess bulimia was the solution to all my problems, wasn't it?

I'm a bit home sick too, or, VERY home sick. And sadly, the things I miss the most are the things you eat. I want glögg, julmust, saffron buns, macaroons in a variety of flavours, chocolate pralines, exotic snacks, licorice, plockgodis, Estrella rings, Swedish cinnamon buns. I'm such a fat girl on the inside.

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