Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lunch by the harbor

I've been a little down lately, but I'm feeling better now! The thing that was bothering me was my homework, which I finished and sent in today, so all is good ^__^ 
 My gorgeous man trying to decide what to eat. If anyone can pick me up when I'm down, it's him! I love him so much ♥
 The weather wasn't very nice today, and it was rather cold, too (only 24°C, OMG I'm freezin' ^_^), still, I really enjoyed the view.
I had a Caesar salad for lunch, it was probably the best one I've ever had! I wanna try to make my own Caesar dressing, I wouldn't trust one bought on bottle, they always put sugar and chemicals in it (and yes, it's okay if you eat at a restaurant).

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