Saturday, November 27, 2010

Friday 26/11 - Nicosia Trip

 So, yesterday we got up early and went over to our boss's house. I haven't gotten any sleep, I was just too excited to be going to an actual city! At first we had some breakfast, and after wards we had a workshop concerning stuff at work, it was quite fun, we got to paint!
At 11 we got into the very small and European car and started our 2 hour drive to Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. Our first stop was IKEA, and I LOVE IKEA, haha! I love it when I'm in Sweden as well, but going there when you're abroad and extremely homesick was just awesome ^_^ Although I got a bit offended that all the signs and stuff were in Greek.
 I had the salmon for lunch, I always eat this when I'm at IKEA.
 We bought Daim dragées, toffee strings and licorice fish ^_^
 Wine glögg, Julmust (Seb's, they didn't have diet julmust, and I don't like regular soft drinks), custard and gingerbread though, we're making gingerbread tonight, but we forgot to buy cookie cutters ^_^''
 Two big bowls for baking, plastic cooking instruments, measure cups and two small bowls for eating.
 Cupcake forms and two cake forms. One of them will be great for cheesecake, and the other for apple pie. I have to bake apple pie now that we've bought custard ;)
 New Bathroom towls
Lovely scented candles, we bought two big ones with vanilla scent and small ones with gingerbread scent!

We had lunch in the cafeteria and then we bought some essentials, I'm happy to have some high quality kitchen wear, because what we've got in the stores around here are just complete crap! We bought some food as well, I'm so happy 'cause we found stuff that I truly miss from home, like licorice. We even found glögg and gingerbread dough ^_^ I actually had decided not to drink any alcohol until I got back to Sweden, but I'm going to make an exception for first advent.
After IKEA we went to The Mall of Cyprus right next to it and went shopping. Or, I dragged Seb shopping with me while the rest of the group went to the Turkish border. I was just so happy to be in a real mall, a mall that had stores that I actually wanted to shop in. They had my favourite store, Oysho! Their website isn't a very good representative, the actual store just holds a lot of character goods room wear. I really wish we had this store in Sweden, or at least that they had a web shop, but no :(
 We had a short coffee break at Starbucks, drank hot lattes for once! I had a Toffee Nut Latte and Seb had a Mocha Praline, I can really recommend the latter, SO good! ^_^
 Every store I went in, the ladies behind the desk were like "OMG are those you real eyes O___O" Haha, I love getting this reaction!
I bought these amazingly cute pajama pants featuring Hello Kitty dressed as a penguin!!! ^_____^ It's probably the cutest thing that will ever exist! I mean, it's Hello Kitty... AND penguins!! OH mi God! I bought a pair of matching panties as well, if I had more money with me I would've bought the whole frickin' store, I tell ya! Well, going to Nicosia is just a total of 18€, so we'll probably go back next year or something. I bought a pair of cozy slipper-uggs as well, pink and glittery with nordic print hihi ^_^
I bought a big knitted scarf from Zara as well, I think this will do until I get home, but I'm really looking forward to changing all my summer clothes to fall clothes, I'm dead tired of my current wardrobe!
There were a lot of Christmas decorations around the town center, so beautiful in the night, even though there's no snow :)
When we were done shopping we took a cab down to the town center to meet up with the others, they wanted us to come over the Turkish border so that we could find some place to eat. I did not appreciate this, I can tell you that. The Turkish side of Cyprus is just horrible, it's poor as shit and I was scared shitless that someone would stab me and steel my passport. I kind of got a panic attack :(
 Luckily they only had kebab places, so we went back to the Greek side and had dinner at a nice little restaurant that served authentic Greek/Cypriotic, we actually haven't eaten any Greek food at all since arriving here, but it was nice. I had grilled chicken with a side salad, delicious!

After dinner we took a cab back to the parking lot and we went home to Paphos again. Apart from the horrible experience in Turkey, I had a very nice day yesterday! And I'm so extremely happy about my new pants, so happy that I have problems wearing normal clothes, haha! ^_^
And I'll leav you with one last picture of my new pants ^_^ I get so happy every time I look at hem, SO many penguins, feels like having your legs dressed up in love.

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