Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Funky, lime green pasta ^_^
Seb was making spaghetti with eeeh... meat sauce? for lunch today. I try to stay away from meat (not chicken or fish though), so I had to figure out something else to have with my pasta. I had an avocado that needed to get eaten, so I made some guacamole with blue cheese and made a sauce out of that for my pasta. It was quite good actually, my only thought was that I may have used a bit to much guacamole for the amount of pasta, but still good :)

Guacamole is very simple and fast to make, if you don't know, here's how:
Mush down an avocado in a bowl or cup, and then you just add ingredients like garlic, salt and peppar, sour cream (I did not use this, it was still good!), lemon juice, cumin (cumin is great for Mexican food, it tastes exactly like the essence you use when frying ground meat for tacos, but without unnecessary chemicals and sugar) and possibly some lemon sauce. I added some blue cheese as well which went really well with it, combined with the pasta.

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