Thursday, November 4, 2010

Today's Coords

 I'm very pleased with my look today ^_^ It's very simple but I think it's very cute as well! When I got out I had to put on my leggings, so that kind of ruined it though :/ But I don't want to freeze to death. Also, that skirt isn't meant for wearing under other garments, so IRL I look like I've gained like 10 centimeters around my waist, but whatever, it wont show if I'm wearing the jacket :)
And here's my hair and make for today, the make-up is the same as I do every day, I feel like I've gotten a style that's "My Make-up Style" now. I just need to add some fake lashes (and circle lenses!) and it will be complete. The hair is the same as yesterday, but I tried to follow good advice and add some more volume, but I honestly had some trouble with it. Do you think it's better to curl your hair and then tease it, or the other way around?

By the way, the hairspray that I bought (Tigi Masterpiece), was great! I used it yesterday and today my hair wasn't stiff at all and I could really easily brush it out so that it was all nice and soft. I can really recommend this product!
Looks like this. I got it for 17€, I would guess it's around 200SEK in Sweden.


  1. Ååååh, gud vad söt du är! Du har rätt i att vara nöjd med din outfit! Den är perfekt!
    Jag tycker ditt hår blev bra! Men var inte rädd att tuppera mycket ^___^ Jag brukar även tuppera lite försiktigt i lockarna. Så svar på frågan, tuppera efter. Men när du lockat håret är det bra att spraya som en idiot så att lockarna inte förstörs för mycket när du tupperar ^___^

  2. Aaaw tack, vad glad jag blir ^___^ hihi <3
    Tack! Känns som att de skulle förstöras om man tupperar dem, but I'll give it a try :) Ahaa, fast jag tycker det känns som att håret ska brytas av om man tuperar det när det är massa spray i.