Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Today's Outfit"

At work we have a lot of books that are up for borrow, it's books that people who've been here before have left behind when they went back to Sweden. I borrowed this book yesterday, I thought it would be fun to read something other than all my heavy literature for school. At first I though this was like a picture book with pics of Swedish fashion bloggers, but it's actually not as shallow as that. This book is about fashion blogging, but it's mostly text and it's about the fact that people need to take blogging seriously because it can be a lot of money in this business! I like it really, I think it's interesting that the fact the fashion is a "girly" hobby makes it unnecessary and stupid. If you think about it, isn't sports just as unnecessary and stupid? I think it is, even more so. People can get hurt.

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