Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Perfect Barbie House

I can assure you that this is in no interest what-so-ever to anyone, but I wanted to show it, and dammit I'm gonna show it! I'm done re-decorating my Barbie House on the Sims.
 My pink little house looks so cute next to my neighbor's! (She's a thief by the way).
 Every day I get extra lifetime happiness-points for my "Beautiful Vista" ^_^ Wont you agree with me that it sucks that you can't go swimming in the ocean? :(
 Barbie Kitchen!
 Barbie Bedroom!
 Barbie Living Room!
 Barbie Bathroom! 
And my Sim, her name is also Michaela Alsberg, isn't that such a coincidence? She's a much better person than I am though, she works as a professional blogger, she's a perfectionist and she works out for FUN.
 I went to the bistro today to have lunch with my friend Victoria Andrews from work. I succeeded in turning our basic friendship into GOOD friendship, yay!
What is she doing so close to a restaurant? Maybe it's not her who's addicted to food, but the food who is addicted to her? :)

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