Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cozy Saturday

Hihi, I baked really ugly gingerbread  yesterday, I had them in the oven a bit too long though :/

Yesterday me and Seb went down to the harbor and swam in the ocean for a while, it's really nice in the water! We met some friends right before and they thought we were crazy, but it was really very nice. My skin loved it as well, it hasn't been dry or itchy since, awesome! We'll probably go swimming everyday now, until we go back to Sweden. Then we'll see how warm it still is in January.

We had sushi for dinner, and after wards we totally pigged out on gingerbread dough, haha! We were suppose to bake it, but then we realized we didn't have any baking sheets, but I came up with the brilliant idea of using cupcake forms instead ^_^ I love it when your home smells like freshly baked goods, feels so homely. 

Later that night Seb went down to the bar, but since I'm currently not drinking, and since it's awfully cold outside, I stayed home by myself. I rented the first season of Sex & the City and ate chips and candy, hihi ^_^ The first season really differs from the latter seasons, but I love it! 

Who's your favourite of the girls in SATC? Mine's definitely Charlotte, I hate Carrie though. She really is an awful and self-centered person.

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