Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weekend Food

 On Friday we went out to Penguino and had brunch, I had a Nutella waffle and Seb had an English breakfast (OMG it looked so gross, I felt bad for him for having such poor taste in food :( )
 We got home late and were very hungry, but we still managed to cook our meal, and resist the sweet convenience of ordering Chinese food. At first we were going to make chicken fajitas, but the chicken had gone bad (gross!) so we made salmon fajitas instead, with guacamole ^___^
 After dinner we rented a movie and ate very unhealthily. At first we were going to watch "Surfs Up" (Penguins!!!!! ♥) but the DVD didn't work, so we ended up seeing "Date Night" instead, it was hilarious! I love Steve Carell!
And for breakfast this morning, Seb ordered Domino's pizza, and of course I couldn't resist, SO good!

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