Tuesday, October 5, 2010


 Me and Seb went to a coffee place, I had a Chai Latte, as always ^_^
 Seb had a regular latte, as always -____-'
 I found some bottom lashes at a store very near my parents house, I was happy because I haven't found it at any regular make up stores.
 What do you think? I know I'm suppose to wear top lashes as well, but I don't have any at the moment.
Hihi, wedding rehearsal? ^_^ (My top is bag, that's not all fat in my mid-section, lol ^_^''')

We're at my parents house right now, we're gonna eat dinner here soon and after wards go out with some friends and have a glass.


  1. oooo! how much were those lashes? i need more of that type DD:

  2. the lashes were cute, but they make u look a bit sad, cute sad if u know what i mean

  3. Manda: they were 79SEK at Smink & Perukmakarn' (located at Rensiternansgata 21 at Södermalm :)) Have you found any anywhere else in Stockholm? :O

    Nikki: Yeah maybe, I'm doing like a "droopy" eye make, which is more accentuated, which looks a bit "sad" :p