Sunday, October 3, 2010


I've had SO much fun this weekend! I was actually very hung-over yesterday, but I'm really happy that I pulled myself together and went in to town for Gal Meet pt.2!
 I started my day with yummy macaron breakfast! Nomnom ^___^
 These were sooo cute O__O Me and Becci tried on matching usamimi fur hats at Topshop :)
 Becci and Amanda at a thai/sushi restaurant.
 My yummy sushi ^_^ This is my special order sushi with my favourite pieces, it sucks because it's more expensive than ordering just a small sushi, but I prefer it anyways because I'd get a stomach ache if I had more. I also shared some gyoza with Sofia, you can see the plate in the back.
 Amanda, Becci and Kajsa at karaoke. This was soooo much fun, I wanna do it again, very soon!
 I was happy about the karaoke bathroom having such a big mirror ^_^ Please notice my fox tail, everybody got one each :D
 Amanda on the way to a party later that night.
 Becci and Kajsa, surprisingly on the way to the same party! :O

I had a really good time yesterday, in spite of my hangover. Sadly I started feeling ill when we got to the party, there was this plastic snake accident which made me panic and well up in tears (I'm a raging ophidophobic). After I calmed down, I still had a very high pulse and felt shakey. I think it was from dehydration and possibly malnutrition, I felt better when I got home and got some sandwich and chips in my belly. I was so scared on the subway! I never take the subway because it grosses me out, but yesterday I was forced to and I kept making up these scenarios in my head, I ran towards Seb when I met him up ^_^'

(I didn't take too many pictures last night, I've linked to Becci and Amanda's blogs, so I think they'll be posting pictures later if your interested ^_^)


  1. alltså VA:s blir så förvirrad på alla bilder hon becci är med på för hon är så sjukt lik dig och sen står det "becci" under. ni är verkligen lika!

  2. Haha, det är vi väl inte? Men tack ^_^ Haha ja jag var inte med på så många bilder tagna av min kamera :P

  3. joho! typ blicken! speciellt sista bilden :D

  4. Jaha okey, I'm not sure I'm seeing the resemblance :p Men tack! ^_^

  5. I've never tasted macaroons, are they so fabolous that everybody say they are? :)

  6. Yes! Their delicious, pretty, fashionable and the perfect bite size = fabulous!

  7. I had so much fun!<3
    Hoppas att det gick bra att ta sig hem :(

  8. Me too! <3 We have to do it again this christmas so that I can be there :p
    Jaa... men det var lite läskigt :O