Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Nails: Fruit Salad!

I did these nails yesterday. I've used a light green colour on every other nail, and a peach-coloured one on the rest, and then I've used cream white on the tips, so it's kind of like a mixed up french manicure. When adding the fruit I just tried to fit as many pieces as possible on each nail. I think these nails are really cute and fun, but they are also the hardest ones I've ever worn! I couldn't sleep tonight because I was so afraid to brake of some pieces in my sleep ;___;
I think my nails are at their absolute longest length ever right now, it has come to a point where I'm having trouble doing the most basic things. That aside, I love this length! Nothing makes me feel more glamorous and feminine than really long nails. I want to start doing acrylic to achieve something like this:
I'm not sure my boyfriend is going to be too happy about it though, but I'm absolutely IN LOVE with the thinness and length of these.


  1. They look so cool! But I gotta ask.. how on EARTH do you get ANYTHING done with those on? O_Ô

  2. Thank you! Practice, I guess :p I've always had long nails, so I can't do things if I have shorters nails actually, but every time I've done them like this with lots of deco, it takes a day or two to get used to them :) I've no idea how you do it with the nails in the second picture, though, haha!