Monday, October 18, 2010

Air Port Shopping

 I splurged out on Arland airport, I had been running out on make-up right before the trip in order to have "a fresh start" ^_^
 Make-Up Remover from Chanel, blush from Chanel, eyebrow pencil from Smashbox, under-eye light up thingy from Smashbox, eyeliner from Dior and perfume from Dior. The perfume I actually got from Seb when he got home from Cyprus last year, but I just ran out of my old bottle, so I could start using this one with the nice, old school spray-on thingy. 
The under-eye light up product from Smashbox is actually not a concealer, as it is for the under-eyes only, but it works wonders! I think this is the closest we will ever get to real-life photoshopping ;)

The blusher from Chanel is my favourite! I love how the mix looks, it has different shades of pink with some gold in it. It's really nice because you can choose how strong you want it to come off. This shade is called "Tweed Pink", and I can really recommend it, it's the best blusher I've ever used!

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