Friday, October 15, 2010

I need to move and powerwalk, because Oprah said it. I like the smell of coke, get it?

I'm really proud of myself today, we were out drinking some last night, so I had a slight hangover when I woke up. But instead of binge eating and feel sorry for myself I went out for a powerwalk, and drank tons of water. It cleared the alcohol right out, and just feels so much fresher. When Seb woke up we went to KFC and had lunch. I don't believe KFC to be unhealthy, I know that it is but I don't understand it. It's chicken? Chicken is very healthy. I'm at the office now and I just finished my oral exam and I'm now all done with the first part of the Swedish course, I got a VG which is the second highest grade, so that's good :)


  1. men ååååh vilken duktig tjej :D VG liksom! fan vad bra du är :D

  2. Hihi, vad söt du är, tack <3 Jag vet, jag är as-duktig! ^_^