Sunday, October 24, 2010


We had killer good day on Thursday and went out to celebrate. Me and Seb said we would have one drink each, but, well... that didn't happen haha ^_^' Sometimes it's not so good when the drinks are only 3€ ...
In the picture I'm drinking the most awesome drink ever, it tasted just like an ice cream I used to eat when I was a kid!
 On Friday we went down to the harbor to eat our sorrows away (we also swam in the ocean ^_^).
 Haha, no, I'm not having cocktails for breakfast, it's a healthy and delicious smoothie :)
I had a Caesar salad and Seb had a very Italian pizza. After we had lunch we went to the store and bought food, I made lasagna and later that night we had the bartender from the night before over for dinner. When he had to go to work we followed him there and ended up drinking for a bit on Friday as well. I was NOT happy about that on Saturday, haha. But at least we had a good time! 
On Saturday we basically just stayed in all day. At night we went to the kiosk and bought rice and soy sauce for our last money, I hate being poor! >.< I couldn't be happier that it's pay day tomorow!

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