Monday, October 25, 2010

Lunch + Shopping

 We went out for lunch down by the harbor, at a restaurant called "Seagull". It's a real restaurant at night, but now they had a lunch menu with lower prices, so I think we will be going there a lot in the future, because the food were a lot better than other places I think. I ordered a Caesar salad and Seb had baby kalamari (octopus). This was the best Caesar salad I had so far, what I really liked was that the salad contained of cucumber and tomatoes more than lettuce, 'cause I don't like lettuce and it's hard to eat as well. Also, you got to pour the dressing on yourself which I liked because if they've poured it on beforehand you wont know how much it is.
 After we had lunch we went to Debenhams and I browsed around for a bit. I'm disappointed, they didn't have any nice clothes at all. There's an Oasis in the Debenhams, but they only seem to have like Plus Size-clothes >.< I think they have some more talent in Old Town though, thank God! Although, I wasn't suppose to be shopping down here :$
Anyways, I bought a Top Coat from O⋅P⋅I
After we'd been to Debenhams and done some grocery shopping, we went to my beloved Body Shop. I bought a Sweet Lemon Scrub, a Cocoa Body Butter and a new concealer. I love Body Shop here because it's sooo much cheaper than in Sweden. You get a Body Butter here for like 9€ instead of 22€, awesome! 
Whenever I'm at Body Shop I always get envious of people who have "Normal Skin" because they have so much more flavours to choose from, I have "Very Dry Skin" so there's only like three different ones that I can choose :(

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