Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Happy Happy!!

Oooh, I'm so happy right now, 'cause I just placed an order on for a pair of huge, blue circle lenses! I also threw in a pair of awesome fake lashes ^_^ I've had a hard time finding any falsies here, and since Honey Color had such cheap ones, I had no reason not to order them! 

It was just yesterday that I logged into my bank to check my balance, and I found out that I had more money than expected. I'm in luck too, because the USD is really low at the moment (below 7SEK!), so the order was actually much cheaper than when I've just ordered circle lenses from Sweden, awesome :D

I just hope there wont be any trouble with the postal service here in Cyprus, I'm to understand that it can be a bit so-so, but I guess we'll find out in about two weeks ^_^ 

Are you guys interested in me reviewing the lenses when I get them?

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