Thursday, October 21, 2010

Recipe: Oven fish with veggies and halloumi

When we went to the store today to buy lunch I was absolutely clueless of what to buy, so I came out with a green lemon (Greek for lime? O_o) and some frozen fish. My plan was to basically fry the fish and squirt some lemon juice over it. But when I got home I felt like being more ambitious than that.

Since the fish was frozen, Seb though it would be better to make it in the oven. I don't remember what the fish was called, but it was some kind of substitute for cod. After putting it in the pan, I pour lots of olive oil, sea salt and pepper over it. After that I chopped of some veggies of my choice and sprinkled them over the fish. I chose to use mushrooms, carrots, red onion and garlic, but any yummy veggies will do! (Maybe not cucumber, it's not very good when it's hot, is it? ^_^).

I let it sit in the over for maybe 20-something minutes before taking it out. While it's been in the oven I prepared and chopped up a piece of halloumi cheese in nice little pieces. Sprinkled the halloumi over the fish and veggies, and let it sit in the oven for about 10 more minutes. The cheese should become a little tan, then you know it's ready! After taking it out I squirted some lemon juice over it, aaaand... done!

Oh, right! The oven should be turned to about 200°C :)


  1. My family ate exactly that earlier today (oh well, yesterday) maybe my mom reads your blog? ;)
    btw lucky you're not here, it's snowing in stockholm :(

  2. I bet she does! ;D
    aaw, I'm so sad that the snow came so early this year, and get mad at the Swedish government for allowing this >.<
    But it's raining as hell here today, so I guess I'm lucky to be working ^_^''