Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mocha Coconut Frappucino

I'm eating a healthy breakfast consisting of super-sweet coffee, cream and coconut sprinkles today. Well, what kind of fashionista would I be if I didn't drink Starbucks? It's all about the image ;)

I've had a really great time this weekend. We went to a restaurant on Friday called Fat Mama's who are famous for their big portions, luckily the dish I chose was available in a small portion as well so I didn't have to throw too much of it away. The sad thing is that this restaurant is located next to the cutest little ice cream shop with amazing ice cream, but I've only eaten there once because you're always too stuffed when you get out of the restaurant. Oh well, no point in crying of ice cream not eaten I suppose ;)

After we'd eaten I wanted to go out and sing some karaoke, so we got in to a cab and went to the bar street. We went to a lot of different bars, but the karaoke place wasn't very karaoke-y this night, because people rather wanted to dance so the DJ didn't play many karaoke songs. But I had a really fun time anyway, we met some really nice people that night! We ended our night at a bar owned by a Swedish guy who made awesome mojitos, a lot cheaper than the mojito-place we usually go to as well. We got home around 4 AM.

Seb was wicked hung over on Saturday, so I had to take care of him all day, I felt really sorry for him :( I wasn't hung over at all, but that's just because me and my body are really good friends and she'd hate to see me suffer. We basically stayed home watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia all day, but at night we went to our boss's apartment for dinner, he'd had such a great place, I was really jealous. He had this amazing terrace as well. There were lots of people there. At our office there's people from my work in one section, and then there are people who work for a completely different phone company, Three, in the other section. So the people who work for Three were there as well. Anyway, me and Seb got home pretty early and fell asleep in front of The Anchorman.

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