Friday, October 8, 2010

Beach 2011?

We don't have any internet at our apartment, and wont be getting any, we talked to a woman at our realty office and she said it would be 200€ for just installment, plus a monthly fee of 40€, so it's pretty much out of the question, haha! I will have to go to the office every night anyways (pupe updates, duh!), so I will still be blogging regularly, just not as frequent as usual.

I'm trying to make a habit of getting up early and go swimming. When I got back from the pool this morning, I was feeling rather bored (Seb was asleep) and tried to think of something to do. I couldn't surf the web, and I couldn't edit the photos I've been taking since my camera cord is in a mail box, so I looked through some old photographs instead.

I've realized how much better I looked a year ago, also in Cyprus. I've stopped going on diets and such, which is great because I was really unhappy before and now I'm ALWAYS happy (the power of FOOD, haha!), but I don't think overeating is very good either. I know that I eat too much, and I realize that it is starting to effect my body. I've always had pretty high metabolism, and I still think I would work hard to gain some serious weight, but right now I just feel flabby and out of shape. I would like to lose maybe 2kgs, and tone up my body a bit, that's why I've been swimming in the mornings.

This is what I want to go back to, I wouldn't mind that tan either ;) That disgusting, white, bad excuse for hair I will leave in the past. That girl would be such a bombshell if she had my dark, gorgeous locks instead ^_^

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