Monday, October 18, 2010

First Night

 When we first arrived we had trouble finding our apartment. Seb and our boss (who came up and met us when we arrived with the taxi) went looking while I stayed put and watched the bags. Luckily I got company by a very nice cat. She's my cat now, this is the one who lives on our outdoor space. The one called Mr.Pickles ;)
 I had a quick shower and changed into this, and we went out. We were hungry after the trip so we met up with some guys from work who had been on the plane with us.
I had a halloumi salad and a strawberry colada as my first meal ^_^ We were suppose to go to KFC, but they were closed to we went to a cafe across the street called "Penguino" were I will be eating a lot, they have a great view and good salads :)

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