Wednesday, October 27, 2010


 I had a yummy yoghurt/honey-dessert for breakfast today. This is like my favourite snack, I usually buy these at my work in Sweden.
On the Siesta today, me, Seb and two guys from work took a cab to "The Paphos Mall" and had a shopping spree! This is grocery store similar to Coop Forum in Sweden, i.e they have a lot more to offer than just food, like clothes and electronics. I love these kind of stores!
 We bought a vacuum cleaner, thank God! People here don't seem to use it, which I just think is downright insane.
 And I finally bought a curling iron! I have a perfectly fine one at home, but I just felt I couldn't be without it until Christmas, and this was only 18€. It's a different kind from the one I have, so I'm excited to see how I like it!
 And I bought some cute sticker ^___^ One sheet of happy fruits, and one of yummy berries ♥
I bought a box of Hello Kitty-cookies, yay! I just couldn't resist them, you get three collectables with each box, and I love collectables. Especially if they're Hello Kitty.

After shopping, we went to a cafe in the same building to have lunch, and OMG we had to wait for our food FOREVER!! I asked the lady how long it would take when I ordered, and she said 10 minutes, but she must have meant 10 minutes per person, because that's what it was. It was an okay sandwich though, and it probably tasted better because we had to wait so long, haha. I think it's pretty weird to get chips with your food, though.
And this is my post-war plate, haha. I don't like bread :$

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