Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday (Halloween!)

 Don't mind my weird face ^_^
 We were invited to a barbecue on Saturday, and I wore one of my pretty "Free People"-dresses. I really like this one, the pattern is so beautiful, and it has all these great details (I'm all about the details!). It's a bit too big though, I often have that problem, it's because my shoulders are so weak :(
 I ate grilled salmon, it was amazing! Everything was just so good, we had oven potatoes (what's potatisgratäng in English? ^_^) and tzatsiki as well, loved it! I bet the food tasted even better considering none of us have had any food that day.
 We got Irish Coffees for dessert ...
 ... and hike-bananas! This looks so incredibly disgusting, but it's really good actually, and it reminds me of my childhood. You take a banana and put pieces of chocolate in it, and then you wrap aluminum foil around it and put it on the grill, so good!
 I was surprised to see that they actually celebrated Halloween here, because I haven't seen any decorations or whatever in the stores, it's just all about Christmas. I was quite sad because I didn't have any costume, and I really love Halloween, I usually take it very seriously and plan my outfit for like months ahead.
 My quick-fix was running down to a tourist shop in the harbor and buy a cowboy hat, haha ^_^ So I guess I was a cowboy for Halloween this year. Although, it didn't take long before one of the guys from work decided that he should borrow my hat, and then I was back to being boring, old myself again :(
But a girl let me borrow here wings, so then I was a bumble bee ^__^ She had a proper bumble bee costume, it was too cute :)

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