Sunday, October 10, 2010

All work and no play ...

Today we started working for real, and I'm wearing my gorgeous, blue-ish pink lipstick from Hello Kitty x M.A.C ^_^

I worked for a bit on Friday as well, and after wards we went to KFC (Love! ♥) and had dinner, then we went home so that I could get ready and then we went down to the bar street and met up with some people from work. At first we went to a tropical bar where Seb sang Tenacious D on karaoke, everybody sang along and I was so proud! After that we went to a very loud bar, which would only be fun fore someone who's interested in getting laid, lol. Needless to say I had no business there, so we went to another karaoke bar instead, one of the bartender recognized us and gave us a discount, so nice of her!

I sang "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey and got the to the great feeling when everybody's cheering you on, loved it! A guy from our work got really drunk, so we put him in a cab. Shortly after me and Seb walked home as well.

I had SO much fun Friday, and I had the perfect amount of drinks, didn't wake up hung over at all. On Saturday I went out for a swim in the morning, and when Seb woke up we walked down to the harbor, I wanted to check out Debenhams for fake lashes, sadly the only ones they had were all sparkly and not very good for everyday use. They had a very plastic look to them as well. Maybe I should ask someone in Sweden to send some for me instead?

When we got back home we cooked for the first time in our apartment, I made chicken with a creamy mushroom sauce - delicious! Creamy mushroom sauce is like the best thing I know!

Later that night we had dinner at a restaurant near work, eating well makes life worth living ^_^

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