Friday, October 29, 2010

Sushi Dinner

Yesterday after work we were tired and didn't feel like cooking, so at first we were on our way down to the harbor to have a meal, but we stopped by the Swedish bar to say hello to some friends, and they'd just ordered sushi, so we called the place up and ordered some for ourselves as well. This sushi was very weird, it had cream cheese in it so it didn't taste like sushi at all! It had a very poor fish-taste as well. It was good, sure, but it wasn't sushi.

Well, we'll make up for it tonight, we're going out to a quite expensive Japanese restaurant called "Sakura" which is suppose to have excellent sushi. I'm excited! But it's so sad that you can't get good sushi cheap here, 'cause it's like one of my absolute favourite foods :(

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