Monday, October 18, 2010

Random pics + Dinner out

My healthy breakfast, caramel dessert and M&Ms

 Some nails I did the first week, I used the yellow graffiti nail polish from Isadora, but I used it on a light green base so the effect didn't show of so well. I like the black lines though, it's fun when you make every nail unique!
 I took this picture right before we sat down and had our first home cooked meal, I really like this "portal" that leads out to the pool from our outdoor space, the flowers are really pretty!
 For our first meal we had the chicken with creamy mushroom sauce that I wrote about earlier, yum!
 This is what I love about this country, pink toilet paper and panda tops!

Hihi ^_^ This is how I looked when me and Seb went out to a restaurant one night, I really liked my hair, it's hard to find ways to do good hair without a curler. 
 I liked my outfit as well, that dress is so beautiful! I got it from my mum for graduation, I think it's pretty rare to have a maxi dress as graduation dress, isn't it?

Necklace: Accessorize
Dress: Topshop
Bag: Topshop
Sandals: DinSko

 I had fish with a creamy sauce that had both mushrooms and shrimps in it, yummy! It was so funny when we went to this restaurant, because we wanted to sit outside and the waitresses thought we were insane! They were coming out to our table all the time, asking if we didn't want to come inside, they thought it was really cold I guess. We were a like "Naah, we're Swedish, this is a really nice summer night for us!" ^_^

 We didn't have any wine with dinner, but we drank Irish coffees for dessert, I haven't had a good Irish coffee since I went to this restaurant last year!
 Seb's charming me with his sexy eyes ;)

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