Thursday, October 28, 2010

Urban Outfitters Wants

I got a newsletter from Urban Outfitters today. I usually never bother to read it or anything, but today I thought I'd browse their home page for a bit to crave clothes I wont be able to get.
 This is part of this kind of "Russian Fashion", I really like it, it's so cute. This is a really nice dress for everyday use, I think.
I like this dress because I think it works well during summer as well as winter, I've never been one to dress according to season ^_^
 These coats are so cute! But I would like a shorter one (I need to show off what little leg I got ;)).
 OMG, love this fur stole, it's so MASSIVE! I all ready have a fur stole from H&M, but this is just too lovely. And I love white in the winter.
Leopard print beret, so cute! H&M have a similar one.
 This, I would like right now, please. It would work well with the hippie-feeling I have to my style right now.
And this just looks so cozy. I love a simple coordination with just a big cardigan, panginsu, ankle boots, a baggy beanie and sunglasses. It looks so... hungover-gorgeous ^___^

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